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www.coalitionofwomen.org - Coalition of Women for Peace (co-ordinating agency of ten feminist peace organizations)

www.womeninblack.org - Women in Black International

www.snellings.telenet.be/womeninblackleuven - Frauen in Schwarz in Leuven, Belgien

www.wib-oly.org/index.htm - Women in Black, Olympia, Washington

www.newprofile.org - Movement for the Civil-ization of Israeli Society

www.batshalom.org - Bat Shalom (Israeli women's peace group)

www.gush-shalom.org - Gush Shalom (Israeli Peace Block)

www.btselem.org - Btselem (Israeli human rights organization)

www.machsomwatch.org - Women for Human Rights Checkpoint Watch

www.mahsanmilim.com - Reports from the West Bank

www.hamoked.org - Center for the Defense of the Individual

www.rhr.israel.net - Rabbis for Human Rights

www.peacenow.org - Peace Now Israel

www.combatantsforpeace.org - Group of Israeli and Palestinian individuals - Only by joining forces will be able to end the cycle of violence

www.seruv.org.il - Courage to Refuse Signature campaign in support of soldiers refusing to serve in the occupied territories

www.yeshgvul.org - There is a limit (Appeal to soldiers, not to serve in the occupied territories)

www.haaretz.com /eng - Haaretz (Israeli newspaper)

www.alternativenews.org - Alternative Information Centre (News from Within) (Progressive magazine)

www.phr.org.il - Physicians for Human Rights

www.gisha.org - Legal Center for Freedom of Movement

www.yesh-din.org - Volunteers for Human Rights

www.icahd.org - Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions

www.taayush.org - Arab-Jewish Partnership

www.awalls.org - Anarchists against the Wall

www.kibush.co.il - Nachrichten und Kommentare von Menschen die die Besatzung ablehnen

www.palestinemonitor.org - The Voice of Civil Society

www.stopthewall.org - Pengons website on the Wall

www.miftah.org - The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy

www.pwwsd.org - Palestinian Working Womens Society for Development

www.arij.org - Applied Research Institute, Jerusalem

www.imemc.org - International Middle East News Website

www.merip.org - Middle East Research Information Project

www.ramallahonline.com - (articles by Israeli and Palestinian journalists and intellectuals in English)

www.pchrgaza.org - Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, Gaza

www.gcmhp.net - Gaza Community Mental Health Programme

www.mezan.org - Al Mezan Center for Human Rights

www.freegaza.org - Free Gaza Movement

www.gazamussleben.at - Gaza Must Live (Austrian initiative)

www.pmwatch.org - Palestine Media Watch

www.nad-plo.org - Palestinian Peace Negotiations Site (Landkarten von Siedlungen u.a.)

www.passia.org - Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs, Jerusalem

www.phrmg.org - Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group

www.alhaq.org - Palestinian NGO in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations

www.electronicintifada.net - Updated information on the Intifada and action alert possibilities

www.badil.org - Badil Resource Centre (with emphasis on Refugees, Right of Return)

www.ochaopt.org - Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs - Occupied Palestinian Territories.

www.dci-pal.org - Defence of Children International Palestine Section

www.pij.org - Palestine/Israel Journal

www.rapprochement.org - The Palestinian Center for Rapprochement between People, Beit Sahour

www.palsolidarity.org - International Solidarity Movement

www.cpt.org - Christian Peacemaker Team Hebron

www.imemc.org - International Middle East Media Center

www.adalah.org - Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel

www.addameer.org - Prisoner Rights and Human Rights Association

www.wofpp.org - Women's Organisation for Political Prisoners

www.womenspeacepalestine.org - International Women’s Peace Service – reports on human rights violations and on life under occupation in the Salfit district (near Nablus)

www.fmep.org - Foundation for Middle East Peace

www.amnesty.org - Amnesty International

www.hrw.org - Human Rights Watch

www.ejjp.org - European Jews for a Just Peace

www.nahostfriede.at - Jüdische Stimme für gerechten Frieden in Nahost-Österreich

www.juedische-stimme.de - Jüdische Stimme für gerechten Frieden in Nahost (EJJP Deutschland)

www.endtheoccupation.org - U.S. initiative to End the Israeli Occupation

www.jewishvoiceforpeace.org - Jewish Voice for Peace

www.thestruggle.org - Middle East Crisis Committee, USA

www.imeu.net - Institute for Middle East Understanding

www.ifamericansknew.org - U.S. website giving information on the occupation, Intifada, etc.

www.vtjp.org - Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel

www.arendt-art.de - Künstlerhomepage von Erhard Arendt.

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